How to Make Money Free With Clickbank

How would you like to make money  for free online with clickbank? This is a great way to start online marketing with out your own products or capital up front. The affiliate program with clickbank is completely free. There are a large number of people that have not made money with clickbank, but this article will show you how you can.


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      *Join Clickbank.
      First you need to get a free clickbank account. Signing up is fast and easy. Click the join button on their website and fill in your information.
    • 2
      *Programs list.
      Once you have signed up, log on to their website. Explore the website and look at all of the different products and programs that you can market. Make a list and take notes while you check out all of the different programs.
    • 3
      *Time to choose.
      Take your list of marketing  options and weigh out the "pros and cons". You need to pick a few programs to start with. This way if you get stuck on one project you can work on a different one. Research your picks for programs to market online.
    • 4
      *Marketing online.
      Trying to market online the first time can be very challenging. I would recommend taking a class on internet marketing. I have included a link below in the resources section for you to learn how to effectively market online.
    • 5
      *Test Marketing.
      Make your test marketing plan. Draw out steps with conditions to be met for your campaign to be successful. Launch your campaign and track your results carefully. After six weeks see which programs are the most successful. You will want to focus all of your efforts on the campaign that is providing you with results.
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